Who Did You Used to Be?

Who Did You Used to Be?

Many of us have done it, right?  We've had childhood dreams that we set aside either because we didn't think they were "grown up enough", or maybe our parents or loved ones didn't think they were.  "You'll never earn a living doing that." "That's a hobby, not a profession."  Etc, etc.

Be honest. Is there a childhood dream living within you? Do you sometimes wish you could stop doing your "real job" and start doing what you dreamt about those many years earlier? 

Then that's exactly what you should do.  I'm not saying you should abandon your current responsibilities, quit your job and become an elephant trainer in the circus (assuming that was your childhood dream!). I'm say that you should allow yourself time to pursue your inner curiosities and seek out that which make you happy. 

Grab a journey and write down your thoughts. When you start writing, one thought leads to another and another, and soon you can see a pattern. You may soon find a new passion that you might like to pursue. Maybe you've outgrown your desire to be an elephant trainer, but you are now very drawn toward the idea of writing a children's book about what it might be like to be an elephant trainer. You get the idea.... think of creative ways that you can feed your childhood dream, and then stand back and see what happens. 

I can bet that you will feel happier about your "real job", and that you might find a little extra spring in your step.

The point here is to give yourself time to honor "who you used to be".  Honor that 8 year child who had those big dreams and give him/her a little time to shine. 

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