Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself

Why are we so afraid of trusting ourselves?  Why do we reach out to others to tell us which way to go?  

Self-doubt is powerful and it can ruin your life. I read this quote recently, "it's not events from your past that make it hard to trust yourself - it's your habits in the present."  This is so true.

If you want to learn to trust yourself more, you must live your life looking FORWARD, not looking back. We've all screwed up at one time or another, and regret is part of the learning process. The trick to healing that regret is to learn from it, forgive yourself and move forward. Life is too short to waste your time stuck in the past.

Try this visualization practice that might help - first, write down your worry or regret on a piece of paper. Keep writing until you feel like you've said enough. Then fold up the paper, grab a match and stand over your kitchen sink. Turn the water on (safety first), then light the match and burn the paper. Drop it into the sink and let that paper burn! Take a deep breath in and out. Keep breathing while you say the words "I release this worry, it no longer controls me. I am free of this worry. I am strong and I am ready to move forward."  

Now, the worry is gone.  You cannot put that pile of ash back together so you are now free from that worry.  No more thinking about it, no more dwelling on it.  If the thought comes back into your head, remember your ritual and repeat the words, "I am free of this worry. I am strong and I am ready to move forward."

You can do it.  

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