Healing Emotional Trauma

Negative emotions can have an impact on physical healing.

Studies show that stress, anxiety, anger, and depression, can significantly slow the healing process.


Learn ways to RELEASE negative emotions, so you can REALIGN your perspective, and REDISCOVER your happiness.


Geri Maroney

Founder of Big and Brave, Author of Beautiful Lady

Becoming Big and Brave!

Cancer is hard and no one should go through it alone. Through my own journey I learned that many organizations focus on the medical aspect of a cancer diagnosis, with less attention directed toward the emotional challenges that we face. When I was diagnosed, I felt lost, alone and scared. I don't want anyone else to feel that way.

As as Advocate for Hope and a Champion of Courage, it is my mission to support other women along their journey.

I want women to understand that what they are feeling is normal and that by identifying and releasing these difficult emotions, they will heal quicker and more completely, including body, mind and spirit.

Let's walk through this journey together.


Cancer is hard. I know because I've been there.

In addition to what our bodies are going through medically, our minds are experiencing extreme trauma, and it does not magically end when the medical treatments do.

It is critical that we address this emotional trauma so that we can wholistically heal our body, mind, and spirit.

My Book, Beautiful Lady, will lead you through the important steps of rediscovery so that you can be strong, confident, and happy again. Cancer may be a chapter in our lives, but it is not the whole story.



I just started reading this book and WOW! It's like she is writing about my journey. Her words are uplifting and inspiring! Highly Recommended!

Phaedra PistoneMrs. US Continental

This book is written with great emotion and honesty and has helped me refocus on what is important in my life. It is pure inspiration.

Cindy MatalucciHost & Producer of The Pulse
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