About Geri Maroney

At Big and Brave, we empower cancer warriors to strengthen soul-nurturing techniques that allow them to release negative emotions, boost courage, and rebuild self-confidence, so they can live inspired lives that bring them joy. Our community provides support and encouragement to ensure no cancer warrior fights alone.

As an Advocate for Hope and a Champion of Courage, Geri knows first-hand that identifying and releasing negative emotions that are part of a cancer journey is critical to rejuvenating mind and spirit. Healing the emotional wounds from a cancer diagnosis is as important as healing the physical wounds.  

Geri shares her real-life story of how cancer changed her life for the better through reawakening and rebirth. Her warm and engaging personality puts others at ease and lays the foundation for an inspirational exchange. She is a source of motivation and offers a mix of humor and thoughtfulness to help cancer warriors navigate the scary path ahead of them.