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As a cancer survivor, I know that healing the emotional wounds from a cancer diagnosis is as difficult as healing the physical wounds. I know that if we avoid the emotional trauma we cannot fully heal. You must face it head-on so you can come through your journey better not bitter.

Let me show you the way. You deserve happiness.

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The Mission of Big and Brave

I wrote Beautiful Lady and created Big and Brave because I am on a mission to empower cancer warriors to strengthen soul-nurturing techniques that allow them to release negative emotions, boost courage, and rebuild self-confidence, so they can live inspired lives that bring them joy. Cancer may be a chapter in our lives, but it isn't the whole story. Let's work together to write the next beautiful chapter.

Recent Podcast Guest Appearances

I am often asked to share my story with other women to provide support and encouragement as they work through their own personal journey. I hope you enjoy these recent podcast interviews.

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Learning to be Big and Brave

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