Be Big and Brave

Rediscovering Happiness - eBook

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Do You Want to Feel Strong and Confident Again?

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the emotions of your cancer diagnosis?  As a cancer survivor, I know first-hand the physical and emotional challenges that come with a  cancer diagnosis. I know that our courage and self-confidence takes a big hit.  But, I also know how to conquer these negative emotions and I want to show you how.  

This life-changing, e-book teaches important strategies to regaining your courage and rebuilding your life after any type of cancer diagnosis.  You will learn to: 

  • RELEASE negative emotions and conquer your fears 
  • REALIGN your priorities and learn to forgive and let go of the past
  • REDISCOVER your heart's desires and create a vision for your beautiful new life

When you find your tribe, feel loved, and speak with people who understand your journey, you give your body an added boost for self-discovery and healing.

Let's get started!