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Stop Pinkwashing Breast Cancer

As a cancer survivor, the month of October is a trigger for me. It reminds me of the pain I endured through my own personal journey, and it reminds me of my sweet friends who have lost their battle to the horrible disease. And, it also makes me angry. I resent the "pinkwashing" and I hate seeing pink Oreos and Potato Chips.  

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Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely

But, I know people who cannot stand to be alone.  It drives them crazy and they don't know what to do with the silence. There is often a social stigma to being alone. Some people think of it as a "punishment", or that there must be "something wrong".  How could someone want to spend time alone vs. being with a group of people? 

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Note to Self: Stop People Pleasing!

One of the most important lessons that I learned during my cancer journey was that I had become a people-pleaser. I hadn't always been that way, but over time I had taken on the (self imposed) responsibility of making sure everyone around me was happy. I had become a Chief People-Pleaser!

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