Stop Pinkwashing Breast Cancer

It's October, which means it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It also means that everywhere you look there's a new pink product being marketed "in support of breast cancer".  

As a cancer survivor, the month of October is a trigger for me. It reminds me of the pain I endured through my own personal journey, and it reminds me of my sweet friends who have lost their battle to this horrible disease. And, it also makes me angry. I resent the "pinkwashing". I hate seeing pink Oreos and Potato Chips.  

According to researchers, the actual benefit to this pink product overload isn’t so rosy. There’s been backlash for years over the “pinkwashing” of breast cancer. Activists have pointed out that the money trail of allocated funds to cancer research is nearly impossible to track, and survivors have spoken out about how they feel their disease is being exploited in the name of profit.

Medical experts also fear that breast cancer awareness products do just that — bring “awareness,” without offering any tangible information about the disease to help educate the public.

I don't want pink products to "raise awareness".  I want a damn cure!  

I want all pink marketers to actually contribute the revenue they earn from selling all this pink stuff directly to breast cancer research.

We deserve a cure not a bunch of pink junk. 

ps. not all marketers are guilty of pinkwashing, some are very generously donating in support of breast cancer research, and for that I am thankful. Just be careful and understand where your "awareness purchases" are going. 


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