Start With Courage, Finish With Joy!

It Starts with Courage
Who are you?
What is your legacy?
What if?
Just Imagine.
Savor it.
Be optimistic.
Take inspired action.
Think like a warrior.

After cancer, everything was different. I saw things differently and much of what mattered before cancer didn't matter any more. Things I had taken for granted were now on my list of top priorities.  

Cancer has a powerful way of rebalancing life. It helps you think about important questions like: 1) What will my legacy be?, 2) How will people remember me?, and 3) Have I given more than I have taken?  

After my cancer diagnosis, there was a new balance between what mattered and what didn’t. The fear, sadness, anger, and pain were all overwhelming to me. But as time went on, I began to recognize certain lessons that were being laid out before me. The more I noticed, the more I saw.

I saw the power.

I realized that if I could tap into my own personal strength, I would be unstoppable. I could use that inner strength over and over again whenever I needed it. I was a warrior.

But the good news is that you don’t need to survive cancer to be a warrior. It doesn’t have to be a cancer or any other sickness that brings this lesson to you. It can be any number of challenges in your life that forces you to rethink and reprioritize.

The trick is recognizing the moment. The trick is recognizing the gift.

The gift is courage.

It is courage that is displayed in the life of the momma who supports her babies and lives paycheck-to-paycheck. Yet she finds happiness. Happiness when she sits with those babies each night cuddled on the bed reading a stack of their favorite books.

That is courage.

Those babies won’t remember that their momma was worried about paying the bills or making sure there was money left over at the end of the month. They will remember the love and joy shared in the pages of those books. They will remember snuggling together laughing while Winnie the Pooh waddled his way through the Hundred Acre Wood.

That is happiness.

Michele Obama says “Your story is what you have. It’s what you will always have. It is something special to own.” You control your story. You don’t control all the things that happen in your life, but you certainly do control how you respond to those events.

My hope is that no matter what is going on in your life, that you will respond with courage. Start with courage, and finish with joy. Be optimistic. Take inspired action. Think like a warrior.

You are a gift to the world. Use your time wisely and share your story. Share your light. Be courageous and be happy.


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