Simple Joy

I hope that you are having a good week.  My week started with 24" of snow as part of a spring storm in Colorado. We woke up Monday morning to waist-deep drifts and a snow blower that just didn't feel like it. Ugh, there was only one way to get out and that was to dig out by hand!  So, my husband I got busy.

It was a beautiful blue-bird sky day with temps in the 30's, so shoveling snow wasn't terrible!. 😎  What I didn't enjoy was having to lift 5-6 shovels full of snow before getting anywhere close to pavement!  It was going to be a long day!

But, it dawned on me as we were an hour into our "very most terrible day" of shoveling, that there was joy to be seen. I felt happy.  

In my past, I would have most likely grumbled my way through the day, but on this day it felt different. I felt happy that we lived in such a beautiful place and that we were healthy enough to get this job done.  Maybe it was the covid lock-down getting the best of me, but I felt happy to be outside and it felt good!

What struck me on that day was the lesson of simplicity and how on any given day, with any given task, we can find joy.  Our world is complicated and noisy, and sometimes it's hard to remember what joy feels like, but if we stop, take a deep breath, and look around us, we can regain our balance and see joy.  It's everywhere. 

I encourage you to peel away the noise and get down to the basics of joy. Think about what makes you happy and how you might add more of that into your day.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to shovel snow everyday!  That's not what really brings me joy, but I did discover that simplicity is joyful. I was reminded that keeping things simple can often be the answer (at least for me). 

That where my joy lives - in the simple things of life. 💗


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