Seeds of Courage

I recently spoke to a woman who told me that she couldn’t imagine sharing her cancer story with anyone, much less writing a book about it.

Then, she started to cry. She said “But, I am so grateful to you for having the courage to do so. I have felt so scared and alone and when I read your book it made me feel strong again. It’s been so long since I have felt strong. Thank you for giving me that gift.”

That’s it.

That’s why I’m here doing what I do.

My WHY is because I felt called to share my words of strength and encouragement. God tapped me on the shoulder during my darkest hours and said “speak your truth and help others”.

Cancer was hard. Really really hard.

At no time in my life prior to my cancer journey had it come down to just me. No spouse, family member, friend or doctor could get me through the difficult steps of my cancer journey. It was just me.

I had to do it myself.

I had lots of love and support along the way, but no one could walk in my shoes  I had to find my courage and I had to keep stepping forward every day.  

After cancer, I realized I had focused way too much energy on what had gone wrong and not enough on what was going right. I kept a scorecard of my troubles and drug myself through the list from time to time trying to solve problems that weren't solvable. It was history. It was over.

I had to let it go.

As time went on, I began to recognize certain lessons that were being laid before me. The more I noticed, the more I saw.

I realized that I was strong in ways I never knew I could be. I realized that I had personal strength and that my power was there whenever I needed it.

If I could learn to tap into that personal strength, I could be unstoppable. I could use that inner strength over and over again whenever I needed it.

I was a warrior.


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