Don't Shush Your Inner Voice

We often hear people say, “Go with your gut”“Trust your instincts”“Follow your intuition” and “Listen to your inner voice.” That all sounds great, right? If only it were that easy.

Intuition is defined as: The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.

We all have intuition. It might seem easier for some people to hear their inner voice than for others, but we are all born with the ability to listen.  It just takes practice. 

The trick is to quiet the distractions, slow down long enough to focus inward, and actually pay attention to the words that come to us. These words are often the answer to something we have been struggling to solve; that question we can’t quite figure out. Our inner voice comes straight from the heart and it is always there waiting to engage with us. 

Many of us are so conditioned to go straight to our heads when we are looking for answers.  We will “think our way out of it”. But, if we rely solely on our minds, we are choosing a decision based on a logical perspective, which may be in direct conflict with what “feels right” in our hearts. 

I have done this many times in my past. I have decided based on all the logical aspects of a problem, but then still felt uneasy about moving forward, because my heart was not aligned. I had disregarded the input from my intuition.

The problem is there are so many thoughts rushing around in our head, that it is difficult to know which one is actually our intuition. The logical mind, fear, and intuition are all battling for our attention and the noise creates confusion and prevents us from following through on what our inner voice tells us to do.

Here’s a tip:  Pay attention to the first answer that comes through when you’re making a decision. That is usually your inner voice talking before your mind has had time to actually process it.

According to experts, whether you realize it or not, your inner voice has a pattern. It will usually speak to you in similar ways so that you can learn to tune into it. Look back over your life and notice how your intuition popped up for you by remembering a time where you felt pulled to do something for no logical reason. Make a note of how it felt to receive that intuitive feeling and whether or not you followed through with it and what the outcome was. Your notes are literal proof of how intelligent and all-knowing your inner voice is.

Can’t hear your inner voice? Ask it to speak up. Start by pinpointing where you feel the confusion in your body; this helps separate yourself from the feeling. Incorporate more quiet time into your day to just be present and listen to what is coming up for you. Don’t grab on to the feeling, just recognize it and then let it go. Whether you sneak away for a walk in nature or you meditate in your car before work, these added moments of quiet will make all the difference.

Listen to what your intuition tells you. The response might be that you are just too tired to go to that event or you do not feel like that decision supports your position in a certain matter. By giving yourself the time and space to just have the conversation, you are giving your inner voice more power.

Give it a try today.  Have a conversation with your intuition and really listen to what comes to you! 💗


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