Cancer is Just a Chapter, NOT the Whole Story

Today is a great day!  I am launching my blog called Big and Brave, where I will share weekly posts with lessons, and practical steps to help you identify and release the negative emotions associated with a cancer diagnosis.   

When I heard the words “you have cancer”, I was terrified and unsure of where to turn. Things happened very fast in those first days and weeks, and although my patient navigator was helpful in explaining the medical procedures that would happen, I was left floundering with how to manage the severe emotional impacts of my diagnosis.

It is because of my personal experience, that I have created Big and Brave. It is meant to be a beacon of hope and a source for emotional support as you work through the difficult phases of cancer. 

Cancer is just a chapter in our lives, it is NOT the whole story!

Healing the emotional wounds from a cancer diagnosis is  as difficult as healing the physical wounds, and I learned that identifying the emotions of fear, anger, and acceptance were critical to healing my mind, body, and spirit.

During my cancer journey, I had a lot of anger around the “why”. Why did I have to endure cancer? Why did God always pick on me? What had I done wrong to deserve this?

I knew better, but I was really mad at God. I was mad and I was scared. I was afraid that if he knew I was so mad, he might whip up some new burden for me to bear. I was afraid to ask for his help. I felt abandoned and alone.

After much self-reflection, I learned that God does not distribute wrath, instead he forgives our sins and does not send punishment. I realized then that God did not give me cancer. God gave the strength to survive cancer. God gave me the personal determination, the people I needed, and the words of strength they shared, as a way to help me through my cancer storm.

This lesson helped me see things differently.

I realized that if I could look at cancer “from the other direction”, I could find lots of examples of how I WAS STRONG enough to conquer this monster.

I WAS STONG!! I could do it. This realization gave me “superpowers” in my fight against cancer. I felt strong enough to handle whatever was coming my way. It wouldn’t be easy, but I would get through it.

You can do it too!

“Strong women aren’t born. They are forged in the fires they have had to walk through. They are warriors with hearts of gold”

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