Alone Doesn't Mean Lonely

I love my alone time.

I cherish the "no obligation" moments when I can just be me. 

But, I know people who cannot stand to be alone. It drives them crazy and they don't know what to do with the silence. There is often a social stigma to being alone. Some people think of it as a "punishment", or that there must be "something wrong".  How could someone want to spend time alone vs. being with a group of people? 

Our society places a lot of pressure on us to always be busy.  Always be going somewhere and doing something with someone else.  

But, we need more alone time.  

Of course I'm not saying to become a recluse and avoid all social interactions.  But, I am saying that alone time is important. It is not a punishment. It is a critical component to our well-being and it is something everyone should do from time to time.  Our bodies crave alone time.  

Making the choice to spend time alone can help you to develop who you are, your sense of self, and what your true interests are. Getting to know yourself and listening to your own thoughts can make it easier to find other people who share your passions. It can also help you re-evaluate “filler” friendships - those relationships you maintain because you would rather do anything on a Friday night besides staying at home by yourself, even at the cost of spending time with people whose company you don’t enjoy.

Alone time is necessary for you to be able to hear what is in your heart.  You cannot find your independence and true self if you are always surrounded by others.  

Give it a try. Grab some alone time.

If you’re just getting started with "alone time", take small steps.  Spend 30 mins all alone (no social devices allowed) exploring new interests, reading a great book, or just listening to your thoughts.  Do whatever makes you happy.  It doesn't matter what it is, but it does matter that you do it ALONE!  

I promise, alone doesn't mean lonely!  


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